BOTOX * is used to remove wrinkles:

  • around the eyes (crow’s feet),
  • between the eyebrows (“lion” wrinkles),
  • horizontal foreheads (wrinkles of surprise),
  • around the lips (smoker’s wrinkles). Botox,
  • in addition to smoothing wrinkles,

is used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. feet and armpits.


Treatments with fillers (Juvederm, Surgiderm, Elevess) involve the introduction of a filler containing hyaluronic acid in wrinkles, furrows or to correct the shape of the lips. The average duration of effects of using fillers is from 6 to 18 months. Sometimes this period may be longer or shorter, depending on age, skin type, lifestyle (smoking and exposure to the sun may shorten the duration of action), product selection and injection site.


Face, neck and hand lifting. It is based on creating a special “scaffolding” for the skin by introducing the preparation to selected areas and restoring them harmonious shapes. Hyaluronic acid has a strong moisturizing effect and retains water in the epidermis. Fills gaps in the volume of tissue, raises and highlights the skin. Restores firmness, tension and elasticity.


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method used to improve the appearance of the skin, regenerate and rejuvenate it, as well as to treat cellulite, stretch marks and to treat and prevent baldness. Thanks to intradermal injections of the active preparation, the micro circulation in the subcutaneous tissue is improved and the metabolism of fat cells (lipolysis) is increased. The method has gained great popularity, which is due to the quickly visible revitalizing effects, affecting excellent well-being and patient satisfaction. The indication for mesotherapy is: sagging skin, preventing hair loss, anti-wrinkle prophylaxis, stretch marks, cellulite (thighs, abdomen, buttocks). Advantages of mesotherapy: natural, non-surgical. Long-lasting results – corrects wrinkles, improves hair condition, restores skin smoothness, quickly improves skin condition and appearance. A method known and used in Europe for many years. Drug solutions that are administered cause blocking of cellular fat absorption signals, accelerate circulation and energy burning. For it to have an effect, mesotherapy must be performed in a series of several treatments. At first you should undergo one treatment per week for two months, then it is worth doing one treatment per month to maintain the effect. It is best to inject the skin in winter or early spring, because the sun can cause discoloration at the injection site.


The material given dissolves the membranes of fat cells, as a result of which the fat acquires a liquid consistency, and then is removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Aqualyx insertion technique – intralipopterotherapy technique – is the most safe and completely painless way to perform the procedure. It involves injecting a place with a fatty tissue with a special needle – from just one or possibly two puncture sites – this means that during the procedure the patient is pricked with a needle up to two times. This allows you to eliminate the risk of complications that quite often occur during other techniques of performing so-called “lipolysis”

By means of the intralipotherapy technique using the Aqualyx injection, we can remove “fat” in places such as:

  • folds on the back (below the ribs),

  • upper limbs – in the triceps region of the abdomen,

  • inner thigh,

  • double chin / mandible contour modeling,

  • inner knee,

  • hip, breeches,

  • buttock area

Unlike commonly used phosphatidylcholine solutions, Aqyalyx provides: no patients who do not completely respond to the procedure shorter intervals between treatments less number of necessary treatments to achieve effects less pain and faster speed obligatory infiltration technique: intralipotherapy Contraindications for intralipotherapy: severe liver disease, serious liver disease, autoimmune disease allergies, pregnancy and breastfeeding, blood coagulation disorders We give one to several ampoules of the drug, depending on the extent of the tissue being removed and the place of treatment. The treatment is almost painless and does not require special preparation. We conduct therapy in a cycle that lasts from a few to several weeks. Usually you need 3 to 4 treatments with an interval of 2 to 3 weeks each. After the procedure, the patient immediately returns to daily activities. Immediately after the procedure, slight itching and short-term burning are felt. Over the next few days redness and swelling may be visible in the treated area. The skin may hurt a little. This condition is a normal reaction of the body to the procedure, does not require special care and disappears on its own. Hematomas may also occur, as after any skin puncture. The durability of the final effect depends on the area of ​​the substance being administered. In some cases, even for life (breeches, navel and knees). Up to 2 weeks after surgery it is recommended to drink more water.


Cosmelan is the most effective therapy for removing dye stains while restoring the origin of the hormonal balance oily and combination skin (regulates sebum, shrinks pores). Clearly illuminates the small and specific spots such as freckles, skin spots, hyperpigmentation after sun and age spots. It stimulates collagen renewal and skin regeneration. As a result, the skin is brighter, firmer and smoother, takes a healthy color. Treatment procedure consists of two stages: the procedure is performed by a physician, after which the patient receives specific preparations, which itself is used at home for about two weeks.

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