Prodige Des Oceans Thalgo

Prodige des Oceans is the force of 5 oceans and 7 massage techniques closed within 2-hour long exclusive ceremony. The treatment effectively enhances the look of skin – it smoothens, moisturizes, nourishes and diminishes wrinkles’ prominence by awakening collagen and elastin production. The power of elements (2 types of hyaluronic acid, adenosine, sea algae extract, ribose, Omega-3 acids, Regenerative Marine Intelligence) coming from sea water as well as oils and vegetable extracts help your skin regain its smoothness, elasticity, regular coloration and youthful look. The result of many years of work is this innovative treatment which helps to stop the time, youthfulness and beautiful skin.

Indoceane Ritual Thalgo

Thalgo company has developed new, more effective formulas from Indoceane line, so as to make the journey through the Far East even more sensual and relaxing. It is an extraordinary, sensational trip to the realm of relaxation and beauty, through which you will get to know the philosophy of China, Egypt, the Mediterranean area and Indies, and your body will reach a state of complete relaxation. The ritual is recommended for stressed people who need to unwind and improve their mood. The basic ingredients of the line are Qi-Marine (extract of brown algae Pinnatifida) and lotus which has a remarkable ability to revitalize and reduce stress. Indoceane journey starts with a peeling of the whole body. It is a very oriental Mediterranean ritual taken from a purifying hammam tradition, i.e. Iranian steam bath. Brown sugar, sea salt and aromatherapy oils mixes altogether make a perfect form of peeling. Luxurious and nourishing, it leaves your skin feeling velvet smooth and silky soft. The next stage of this revitalizing journey is a stop in India – the land of Ayurveda. Massage is the basis during this ritual. Firstly, Qi-Balm oil will be put on energy centres, followed by Luxurious Massage Oil, rich in concentrated oils. The most pleasant moments during this continental journey are provided by the massage inspired by Ayurveda, which frees your body and mind from tensions. The massage brings back harmonious energy flow inside your body, provides you with deep relaxation, eliminates stress and negative emotions, supports the body in pursuit for regaining the lost inner balance, has energizing and regenerating functions and speeds up the process of clearing the organism from toxins. Continuing our journey, we get to China, where theatre stands for the stage of beauty and relaxation. Your whole body is covered with Silky Smooth Body Wrap, which is great for regenerating, nourishing, moisturizing and smoothening of skin. Delicate powder like smell of the mask intensifies its soothing and relaxing properties. Your skin becomes delicate and velvet.

Mer&Sens Ritual

A treatment with the use of warm and cold stones. For all those who are in need of spiritual and physical balance, who want to free from stress, relax and regenerate their strength. During the treatment we use 42 special basalt stones of volcanic origin (warm), which are round and fit hands perfectly and 2 marine stones rich in sea minerals. The stones are warmed up in a special heater. Mer & Sens body treatment consists of two stages: a scrub using a preparation based on algae and sea salt and a massage with the use of stones and relaxing aromatic oil – Aromaceane Massage Oil. The treatment influences energy centres called chakras, helps to do away with tension and stress, has a calming and relaxing properties, enhances nourishment of skin, increases blood flow through muscles, facilitates penetration of nourishing substances and leads to a more efficient excretion of metabolic rate products.

Gold&Pearls Body Ceremony

A holistic ceremony full of precious ingredients, designed for connoisseurs seeking extraordinary, luxurious treatments and unique beautifying formulas. A precious combination of gold, pearls and champagne which is the key to preserve young appearance, velvet and bright skin. Caviar is never-ending wealth of vitamins A, B and D, trace elements and amino acids and is the key ingredient intensifying the regeneration of cells. Gold stimulates elastin and collagen and deeply nourishes. Pearls are an ingredient reducing wrinkles and illuminating skin. Champagne extract provides good mood and lets you enjoy the luxury. It is a 3-stage treatment: a divine peeling tempting with gold flakes and amber particles which smoothens your skin and brings back the feeling of mellowness. The feeling of subtle delight is provided by a relaxing massage reinforcing the feeling of easefulness and muscles relaxation. Finally, we apply a golden mask of Goddess. After the treatment the skin is noticeably rejuvenated, toned and beams with gold and pearl flakes. Both, body and mind get the feeling of luxury and relaxation.

Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate Dessert treatment has been created in order to provide you pleasure. It is a pampering session for body and mind. During the treatment we use real chocolate, which improves flexibility of our body, cleans the skin from toxins and slows down aging processes in our body. We start with chocolate – sugary body peeling, which thoroughly cleans the skin and prepares it to further treatments. Next, we massage liquid, dark warm chocolate into the whole body. After half an hour we cleanse it and do a relaxing massage with the use of chocolate butter. We recommend this treatment for tired and stressed people who would like to regain vital powers as well as have a wonderfully nourished skin.

Magnolia Face&Body Ceremony

This fragrance seduces ..
Beautiful, delicate .. brings to mind spring and the scent of flowers. It hugs the skin and does not let you forget about itself for a long time.
The ceremony consists of:
– full body peeling based on salt, natural oils (argan oil, cottonseed oil and sweet almond oil)
– relaxing body massage with body butter (composition – shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, rice oil)
– relaxing face massage based od nourishing cream

Cranberry Delight Body Ceremony

Cranberry Delight Body Ceremony – A unique, sweet-cranberry-smelling body care ceremony that restores vitality and youth. A specially composed set of active ingredients helps the skin regain its proper moisture level, firmness and elasticity, while reducing cellulite and excessive body fat. The ritual begins with an intense whole body scrub, which is a prelude to the relaxation part, i.e. full body massage. The culmination of the treatment is an extremely aromatic fruit nourishing mask and a highly moisturizing balm with a wonderful aroma. The series is recommended especially for skin with signs of aging, losing firmness and elasticity, as well as dry skin and excessive exposure to sunlight. The appetizing fragrance stimulates the senses and envelops the skin with a pleasant aroma. This is a sweet fruit dessert for the skin and a feast for the senses.

Mango&Mandarin Ceremony

Mango in a duet with mandarin creates a real vitamin and antioxidant bomb!
The sensually fragrant ceremony simply seduces with its scent. Fruity and citrus dizziness!
The ceremony consists of:
– body scrub based on salt, natural oils (shea butter, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil) and mango fruit extract
– relaxing full body massage with nourishing butter (combination – shea butter, sweet almond butter and vanilla butter)
– regenerating mask with d-panthenol and allanthol

Coffee Ceremony

One sip gives you energy and stimulates you to act.’
Coffee – a natural, wonderfully fragrant energy contained in a stimulating ritual for the body. The ceremony consists of:
– coffee butter massage. Its nutritional formula, as well as the peeling recipe, contains various natural ingredients, including: sweet almond oil, cottonseed oil, argan oil and Shea butter. The coffee extract contained in the butter helps in the fight against cellulite, has a slimming, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. After using Coffee butter, a delicate coffee scent remains on the skin.
– coffee peeling with salt and natural oils

White Musk Ceremony

An enveloping body ritual with a captivating, warm scent of… leather, cashmere…
It stays on the skin for a long time like the best perfume.
The ceremony consists of:
– body scrub rich in iodine-bromine salt bioelements with a unique musk scent. Gently cleanses and refreshes. Thanks to the richness of vegetable oils, it perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and softens the epidermis. The content of Shea butter gives the skin a protective layer, helping it regenerate. White Musk peeling makes the skin velvety smooth and soft.
– relaxing full body massage with butter. Delicate, natural body butter, containing eco-certified raw materials and nourishing vegetable oils, scented with the sensual scent of musk. Created for exceptionally dry and sensitive skin. It slows down the aging process of the skin, smoothes it and makes it exceptionally soft and delicate to the touch.


With age, the appearance of a woman’s bust changes. Weight loss or breastfeeding make the breasts lose their firmness and shape. Breast endermology is a non-invasive procedure that visibly improves the firmness and shape of the breasts. Tissue stimulation during endermology improves the tension, elasticity and firmness of the skin of the neckline and breasts. Endomassage improves blood and lymph circulation, oxygenates and nourishes cells and stimulates the collagen production process. This leads to the elasticity and strengthening of the tissues supporting the bust, which results in a visible improvement in the density and shape as well as the lift of the bust.
Bust endermology is perfect for:
– the problem of natural loss of skin density in the bust and neckline
– after slimming treatments, which result in the loss of fatty tissue around the bust
– loss of firmness and shape due to pregnancy
– if we want to avoid invasive treatments

Body treatments with Arosha Bandages

The key product of Arosha’s care are bandages made of delicate cotton soaked in active ingredients, which during the treatment release and gradually penetrate deep into the skin. Formulas of active ingredients of bandages are selected so as to create the most effective treatment programs with properties reducing cellulite and fat tissue, draining, firming and moisturizing. Depending on the type, stage and location of the problem, we choose the right set to carry out the therapy. Bandages are ideal not only for the area of the legs, buttocks and hips, but also on the shoulders, breasts and belly. Already after the first treatment you can see the reduction of the circumferences and the overall improvement of the appearance of the skin: it becomes more firm, smooth and healthier. The best results are obtained by performing a series of 8 treatments. The product is packaged individually – it is disposable

Treatment sets:

  • OEDEMACEL – created to fight the problem of edemellular cellulite. The unique combination of active ingredients, acting synergistically, combats the primary causes of cellulite, i.e. vasodilation and intercellular fluid accumulation, effectively drains and dissolves fat deposits, reducing the perimeter of the treated area.

  • ADIPOCEL – created to fight fibrous cellulite at an advanced stage. ADIPOCEL KIT is a combination of various lipolytic components aimed at reducing fat cells and combating the deformation of collagen fibers – the factors responsible for the appearance of cellulite lumps on the skin.

  • FIRMING – an extremely active treatment firming and restoring the elasticity of flaccid skin, lifting and firming.

Bust Lifting UP Arosha Treatment

The treatment visibly improves the appearance of the bust, modeling its shape, and also enlarging by one size. Active concentrates, with which the bandages are soaked in, fill, carve and lift the bust. A series of treatments creates a lifting micromancer in the shape of an „invisible bra”, providing a quick „push-up” effect. The treatment effectively combats the symptoms of drooping, loss of firmness and elasticity of the bust. Enlarges the breasts giving them a beautiful and round shape. In addition, it improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. During the treatment, we use a lot of active substances, such as: extracts from African Kigella, amino acids and protein fibers restoring elasticity, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, organic silica in the form of serum, mask, bandages and massage cream.

Fake Bake

An exclusive self-tanning treatment which guarantees keeping a regular tan for 10 days. The first step is the Fake Bake Body Polish, thanks to which the tan keeps its lastingness. The second step is the application of Original Fake Blake, which has a formula easy to apply and ideally matches various complexions and beauty types. It consists of natural ingredients only. It is free from parabens. This high quality product ensures beautiful, natural colour without splotching.

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