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A treatment performed with a device called GREEN VAC. The device uses negative pressure to unblock the blood and oxygen flow in the area affected by cellulite. It works on the basis of Chinese Banana. The connective tissue is stretched, allowing the skin with a folded cellulite to return to a healthy, smooth form. The treatment also accelerates the drainage of residual metabolic waste through the lymphatic system and capillaries, resulting in beautiful-looking, taut and firm skin. Adjusting the size of the maximum and minimum negative pressure makes it possible to carry out treatments on clients with sensitive skin. The operation of the Green Vac device ensures an effective change in the shape of the body by reducing the volume and increasing the tension of adipose tissue.

With a series of treatments, you can lift the buttocks, flatten the abdomen, slim down the waist or thighs.

Wpływ endermomasażu na skórę / doskonałe rezultaty:

  • poprawa metabolizmu

  • redukcja tkanki tłuszczowej

  • eliminacja toksyn

  • poprawa odporności

  • redukcja obrzęków powstałych na wskutek niedrożności naczyń chłonnych

  • redukcja cellulitu

  • modelowanie sylwetki

  • poprawa kondycji ciała

  • redukcja zmarszczek na twarzy

  • poprawa wyglądu szyi i karku

Zalecamy przeprowadzać zabiegi 2–3 razy w tygodniu.

1 zabieg 120 PLN
Pakiet 4 zabiegów 408 PLN
Pakiet 8 zabiegów 768 PLN

The key product of Arosha’s care are bandages made of delicate cotton soaked in active ingredients, which during the treatment release and gradually penetrate deep into the skin. Formulas of active ingredients of bandages are selected so as to create the most effective treatment programs with properties reducing cellulite and fat tissue, draining, firming and moisturizing. Depending on the type, stage and location of the problem, we choose the right set to carry out the therapy. Bandages are ideal not only for the area of the legs, buttocks and hips, but also on the shoulders, breasts and belly. Already after the first treatment you can see the reduction of the circumferences and the overall improvement of the appearance of the skin: it becomes more firm, smooth and healthier. The best results are obtained by performing a series of 8 treatments. The product is packaged individually – it is disposable

Treatment sets:

  • OEDEMACEL – created to fight the problem of edemellular cellulite. The unique combination of active ingredients, acting synergistically, combats the primary causes of cellulite, i.e. vasodilation and intercellular fluid accumulation, effectively drains and dissolves fat deposits, reducing the perimeter of the treated area.

  • ADIPOCEL – created to fight fibrous cellulite at an advanced stage. ADIPOCEL KIT is a combination of various lipolytic components aimed at reducing fat cells and combating the deformation of collagen fibers – the factors responsible for the appearance of cellulite lumps on the skin.

  • FIRMING – an extremely active treatment firming and restoring the elasticity of flaccid skin, lifting and firming.

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