Hair removal treatment ensures perfectly smooth skin without unwanted hair.

In Mariacki Spa we perform this treatment in two ways, with two preparations.

Epilation with sugar paste is ideal for people whose skin is sensitive, capillaries, prone to irritation. Sugar paste is not heated to high temperatures, it also has a very simple composition. Thanks to this, the skin is less irritated and recovers faster after the procedure. A huge advantage of sugar paste is the fact that it is able to depilate even hair with a length of 3 mm. Hair removal with sugar paste minimizes the risk of allergies and irritation to almost zero.

Sugar paste is ideal for small areas and the most delicate parts of the body, i.e. bikini, armpits and face.

Waxing is an extremely fast and effective method. Works great for depilation of large body parts, e.g. legs, arms, and for men – the back.

The skin stays smooth for about 3-6 weeks. In Mariacki Spa we work on proven Depileve and Royx products.

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