Kobido - japanesse lifting face massage

Japanese non-invasive face workshop.
Kobido is the most technologically advanced form of face massage. It is one of the most difficult and complex techniques of manual work, combining traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of manipulating the Japanese art of work through the skin on the fascia or muscles of the massaged area.
This multi-stage massage is characterized by rhythmicity, symmetry and speed of the fingers. It is called a non-surgical natural face lift.
– reduces muscle tension
– reduces the number and depth of expression lines
– prevents or slows down the aging process of the skin
– helps to regain radiant skin and a youthful appearance of the face
– improves the trophic of the face
– stimulates cellular metabolism
– supports the removal of toxins and impurities
– stimulates, oxygenates and thickens the skin
– stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
– relieves headaches and migraine headaches
– has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties
– relaxes and unwinds
– reduces facial stiffness, increased muscle tension and the effect of jaw clenching

Relaxing face and cleavage massage

This massage has relaxing and stimulating properties. It is based on sea nectar combined with massage cream. Performed regularly at a beauty spa it ameliorates your face oval, smoothens wrinkles and removes the tension of muscles. After such a massage your skin feels relaxed. The massage is a perfect way to start a day… or to finish it.

Thalgolift face massage

With time passing by and daily stress your skin starts to lose its elasticity as a result of hormones shortage. In cooperation with a plastic surgeon, one and only massage on face muscles has been created. The effect is the recovery of natural density and perfect skin look. After the massage you can experience noticeable tensity of muscles fibres. It leads to a perfect replacement in muscles (nutrients and oxygen). The skin is firmer and the face oval becomes more regular.

Cavitation peeling with an algae mask

Cavitation peeling is a gentle and effective cleansing of the skin, recommended mainly for sensitive, vascular and acne skin. This method instantly refreshes the skin and helps to remove stubborn impurities. The dead epidermis cells are broken down without any damage in its deeper layers. The effect is smoother, renewed skin without imperfections.

Face cleansing treatment

One of the most popular skin care treatments. It is suitable for all skin types. It is prepared in order to get rid of dead epidermis, blackhead and sebum excess. During the treatment we use Thalgo cosmetics which have peeling, plumping and pore closing functions as well as a soothing one after the manual cleansing. We recommend doing the treatment twice a year, after the summer and winter season. It can be combined with f.ex. microdermabrasion or acids. The treatment includes: enzymatic peeling, vapozon, manual cleansing, d`arsonvalization, serum, silencing mask and algal mask

Purifying treatment of the back

A full cleansing treatment of the back. The treatment includes: enzymatic peeling, manual skin cleansing, d`arsonvalization, serum and a soothing mask.

New Skin D-Tox

Maria Galland Paris has created a 100% manual deep cleansing treatment adapted to all skins, which respects the skin’s ecosystem and offers proven efficacy in only 30 minutes. This 100% manual, skin-friendly ultra-cleansing ritual combines powerful, innovative products for instantly removing dead skin cells, absorbing impurities, unclogging pores, as well as promoting cell renewal while preserving the integrity of the skin’s individual ecosystem. A unique beauty method that allows the skin to breathe again.

Express illuminating Treatment

Ideal for those who need an immediate moisturizing and illuminating effect. The treatment lasts only 30 minutes so in order not to diminish the pleasure, a massage is performed during make-up removal and scrub. We act here mainly with an apricot seeds oil, extract of red algae, vitamins A and E, thanks to which the effect of moisturizing is long-lasting.

Express purifying Treatment – Clarity

Thanks to active pioneering ingredients the treatment is delicate for skin but really effective. It gradually removes impurities, leads to the regulation of sebum secretion and T-Zone becomes matt. Thanks to using the treatment in a series, the skin becomes fresh and purified and pores are shrunk. The skin is homogenous and moisturized for long time.

Cocoon Treatment – a tailored treatment

A cocoon treatment – an iconic Maria Galland’s treatment – is a relaxing ritual appropriate for all skin types. The effect of cocoon gives you a feeling of enveloping with delicate warmth and helps you to quieten down. The mosaic of specialistic essences chosen individually for the needs of your skin, cream masks and an exclusive massage enable a therapist to create a unique treatment each time. Depending on the needs of your skin an appropriate version of a cocoon treatment is chosen:

  • moisturizing – for dehydrated and dry skin

  • illuminating – for grey, stressed and tired skin

  • soothing – for irritated and reactive ski

  • firming – for mature skin lacking firmness and glow

  • nourishing – for rough skin in need of regeneration

Thalasso – sea gifts in face care

Thalasso treatments are refreshing and revitalizing treatments based on a moisturizing and energizing algae mask, that simultaneously soothes the skin. Proper selection of products for the mask and the use of modeling massage provide freshness, comfort and beautiful skin tone after just one treatment. The extract of brown algae from Brittany protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment and improves its hydration. The treatment gives an immediate feeling of skin firmness. Depending on the needs of the skin, the appropriate version of the Thalasso treatment is selected:

  • Moisturizing – for dry, dehydrated skin

  • Soothing – for sensitive, red and capillary skin

  • Clarity- for mixed skin or for so-called hormonal problems

  • Illuminating- for gray, tired skin, smoker’s skin

Soin Dermatologique – luxurious relief for skins with imperfections

This advanced, dermatological treatment concept allows to release the skin from impurities, dilated capillaries and atopy. Soin Dermatologique provides a highly effective line of soothing and skin-relieving treatments using cosmetics free of paraffins, parabens and artificial colors.

  • Impuretes – for oily, contaminated and acne skin. The treatment and products used for it restore the production of sebum to balance, releasing the skin from micro-impurities and lumps, to minimize the risk of inflammation and discoloration. The effect is a cleanand fresh skin.

  • Rougeurs – for irritated, red skin with a tendency to dilated capillaries. The Rougeurs line products effectively stimulate micro circulation and strengthen the walls of the capillaries. Redness and irritation are visibly reduced, the skin is soothed and protected against the formation of new reddening.

  • Secheresse – for very dry, flaky and irritated skin. The treatment allows for solving the very dry skin and symptoms of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. It has a stabilizing effect on the hydrolipid barrier, reduces irritation and itching, while improving its firmness and hydration level.

Lift expert – global lifting ritual

The treatment instantly firms and defines the facial contours, plumps the skin and smooths wrinkles, and creates a more lifted, sculpted look to reveal a visibly youngerlooking skin. The 100% manual lifting massage, specifically designed for Lift Expert Treatment, combines deep gliding, anti-aging movements and intensive petrissage movements, including kneads and rolls, to instantly lift, firm and plump the skin, and stimulate cell activity. At the same time, the relaxing moments of the rituals help to reduce stress, restore energy and reset your client’s mind and body.

Modelling Ritual with a clay mask

The classics of cosmetology, whose effectiveness was proved million times around the world. With the use of self-heating mask, centimetre by centimetre, pioneering active ingredients, individually chosen for current needs of skin, work on your skin. After Make-up Removal Ritual we apply Essence mosaics and specialized creams to particular spheres of the face, neck and décolleté, and then a mask, which because of its weight and temperature not only enhances the absorption of active ingredients but also helps in draining, modelling the oval of the face and lifting. The modelling treatment apart from an immediate effect gives the beginning to long-term processes of skin regeneration, which thanks to it becomes more beautiful every single day.

Mille Treatment

Mille treatment is the richness of the most selected ingredients: 24-carat gold, white truffles, peptides – TOP CMG complex, extract of plants’ stem cells in liposomes of collagen and hyaluronic acid. An exclusive anti-age treatment ensures an immediate effect of botox-like rejuvenation and skin brightening. A unique oil complex – from grape seeds, apricot pits, babassu and macadamia – strongly regenerates and brings relief. This amazingly luxurious treatment is an ideal proposal for the most demanding. It enables you to experience 90 minutes of pure pleasure for your senses and makes you happy with its perfect result!

Illuminating Radiance Facial Treatment

Express beautifying treatment. A moisturizing and nourishing treatment for any skin type whose purpose is to provide the skin with a radiant and healthy condition. The rich composition of Thalgo cosmetics gives your skin an immediate feeling of freshness and skin smoothening. It helps you to get rid of all tiredness symptoms really fast.


The treatment streamlines microcirculation in blood and lymphatic vessels. It is dedicated to treat the skin in need of nourishment, moisturizing and streamlining of microcirculation in blood and lymphatic vessels. Aim: the treatment is supposed to make circulation better, drain water from lymphatic vessels, moisturize and remineralize the skin.

Peeling Marin Treatment

Peeling Marin Treatment -Thalgo laboratory has created the first line of marine cosmeceuticals for skin care with acids derived from the fermentation process of micronized algae. This 100% bio-regenerative discovery allowed to create a very effective, intensive aesthetic medicine treatment, thanks to which you can correct even the most serious skin imperfections and irregularities and fight the signs of the passing time, restoring its youthful appearance and beautiful color. In addition to renewing the epidermis, the treatment provides effective regeneration, rejuvenation and smoothing of the skin. A gradual, individual approach helps meet the needs of all skin types, ensuring regeneration and renewal in all its layers. Indications: the treatment is intended for the care of demanding skin that needs renewal, smoothing and regeneration.

Absolute Hydration Ritual

An amazingly hydrating-relaxing ritual, which fulfils the needs of every dehydrated skin. Taken from the depth of the ocean complex Seve Bleue provides the core of cells with abundance of mineral ingredients – micro and macro elements, minerals and trace elements. Combined with hyaluronic acid, Hydra – diffusine, Hyalurophyline and Lumisource it provides long-lasting hydration and stimulates natural detox process of your skin, ensuring fresh and radiant look.

Cold Cream Marine Ritual

Regenerating and nourishing treatment for dry and sensitive skin. Skin dehydration is caused by damage to the hydro-lipid mantle. Dehydration is the cause of excessive drying of the skin, which causes discomfort, tension, cracking, burning and the formation of minor micro-injuries. Thalgo’s solution is a ritual based on cosmetics with a unique, improved formula of Cold Cream Marine to ensure long-term nourishment, hydration and relief of delicate, dry and sensitive skin and to increase its tolerance threshold.

Hyalu-Procollagene Wrinkle Correcting Ritual

A rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle treatment for the skin in need of hydration, filling and regeneration.
The rich formula containing, among others, 3 types of hyaluronic acid and sea procollagen deeply penetrates and intensively hydrates the skin, visibly reducing wrinkles. Procollagen strengthens the skin’s resistance, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. In addition to the above-mentioned active ingredients in the treatment include alfalfa extract – vegetable retinol, Buriti oil, Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, aloe leaf juice – refreshes and tones, sea complex – Seve Bleue and silicon Silicium Marine Complex with rejuvenating and regenerating properties.
Specially developed Dermastim + massage with the use of massage rollers makes the skin visibly smoother, fuller .. looks younger.

Spiruline Boost Smoothing Detoxifying Treatment

Detoxifying treatment with the use of spirulina (green and blue microalgae) enriched with sea magnesium. An injection of energy that makes the skin smooth, rested, oxygenated and radiant, and fine wrinkles are filled.
Sea active ingredients support resistance to aggressive external factors (pollution, fatigue, stress). They prevent oxidative stress that produces free radicals and toxins in the skin. They prevent premature skin aging. The treatment is perfect for the care of tired, dull skin that requires revitalization and regeneration.

Marine Collagen Treatment

An intensive moisturizing treatment for “the first wrinkles” with the use of a mask saturated with high concentrate of dissolvable collagen. The treatment neutralizes the feeling of excessive tension, stimulates the production of new collagen fibres, makes small wrinkles, caused by overdrying, disappear immediately. The content of active ingredients (Native Marine Collagen Complex, soya glycopeptides, red algae Palmaria Palmata) makes your skin brightened up, perfectly moisturized and velvet smooth after only one treatment.

Silicium Marine Treatment

A luxurious rejuvenating-lifting treatment, which goes beyond classical cosmetology. After just one treatment your skin can look 5 years younger. Highly concentrated active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, sea silicon, red Meristotheca Dakarensis and JaniaRubens algae) and innovative Derma-Slim Massage provide you with immediate lifting effect. During the treatment two masks are applied: collagen one with hyaluronic acid and Cryo-Modelling Mask. The treatment models face oval and flexes skin, makes wrinkles and small lines less deep, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The treatment is destined for floppy skin with visible wrinkles, in need of toning, nourishing and regeneration. Aim: the treatment’s aim is regenerating, smoothening and toning of the skin, filling in wrinkles and modelling face oval

Brightening Lumiere Marine Treatment

Highly effective treatment of skin discoloration and pigmentation spots. Thanks to the progressive triple exfoliation, the treatment is able to fight any type of discoloration, providing the effect of smoothed and moisturized skin with a uniform color, and a healthy, radiant appearance. The recipe based on the algae extract enables effective control of dark spots and provides the skin with protection against environmental stress.

Exeption Marine Redensifying Ritual

Exclusive rejuvenating and regenerating THALGO ritiual with a unique massage of face muscels created in cooperation with a plastic surgeon. Thalgolift massage is a real “manual lifting” which increases firmness and elasticity of skin and models the face contour. It is a combination of nice and effective moves- beauticians’s hands become the relay of harmony and warmth – they sculpt, smoothen and model the contur of your face. The skin recuperates its natural density and perfect condition. The next stage is a heavenly relaxing massage based on a special cream – the magical composition of interlacing moves, leading from the back of your neck trough cleavage to arms so as to provide you with moments of ideally perfect feeling. The following stage is a masque from biological cellulose – a real treasury of active ingredients(hialuronic acid, AGE REVERSE complex) concentrated two hunddredfold as regards its quantity, so as to give your skinyoung and beautiful look. Wrinkles, sings of passing time and moods, become less visible, face feautures soften, skin becomes regenerated and revitalized thanks to awakening of cellular mechanism and your face beams with the feeling of deep relaxation. This extraordinary beauty treatment helps getting the effect of natural biological lifting. Finally, the time can be our ally.


Ferulac Peel Booster + Retinol

Ferulac Peel Booster + Retinol

TThe latest generation peeling which has rejuvenating and illuminating properties. It helps you improve the condition of skin within a few days. During the treatment we use ferulic acid, phloretin and 1% retinol. Ferulic acid characterized by antioxidant properties protects the skin against harmful effect of free radicals, hampers and neutralizes their actions as well as increases the effect of vitamins C and E. It provides skin protection against UVA and UVB radiation and in that way minimizes damages caused by the sun and protects cellular DNA. It controls activeness of tyrosinase counteracting the creation of discolorations and brightening the existing ones. What is more, it has proapoptopic properties for cancer cells. Phloretin strengthens the penetration of active ingredients. It disables the activeness of elastase, the enzyme responsible for damaging elastic fibres. Moreover, it has antioxidant properties. Retinol is retinoid from which retin acid is made. It speeds up mitosis, increases enzymatic activeness and normalizes keratinization. It also nourishes the skin, counteracts the appearance of wrinkles, decreases the depth of existing ones and improves the elasticity of the skin. Retinol is also responsible for soothing spots created by excessive exposure to UV radiation.

Recommended especially for:

  • discolorations

  • photo-aging

  • anty-aging

  • roughness in structure and coloration of skin

  • scars and post-acne discolorations

  • renovation of stratum corneum.

Application: once a month.
Suggested number of treatments: from 1 to 4 in autumn – winter season.

Ferulac Classic + C-Peel

Ferulac Classic + C-Peel

Ferulic acid and vitamin C are used during the treatment. Ferulic acid is characterized by antioxidant properties protects the skin against harmful action of free radicals, hampers and neutralizes their actions, as well as increases the effect of vitamins C and E. It provides the skin with protection against UVA and UVB radiation and in that way minimizes damages caused by the sun and protects cellular DNA. It controls activeness of tyrosinase counteracting the creation of discolorations and brightening the existing ones. What is more, it has proapoptopic properties for cancer cells. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) has oxidant properties, which means that it reduces the creation of free radicals and takes part in synthesis of collagen. It increases the lubrication and smoothness of the skin and reduces wrinkles. It has photo-protective property and illuminates the skin through blocking the synthesis of melatonin in melanocytes. In also helps in penetration of other ingredients deeply into skin.

Recommended especially for:

  • glow less and tired skin

  • after exfoliating treatments

  • photo-aging

  • anti-oxidation

  • antyoksydacja

  • improvement of skin firmness

  • illuminating of discolorations

Application: once a week. Suggested number of treatments: from 1 to 5, can be done all-year-round.

Peeling based on 40% mandelic acid

Peeling based on 40% mandelic acid

Mandelic acid properties:
Mandelic acid increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It has illuminating properties. It is commonly used for curing photo-aging, irregular pigmentation, inflammatory acne and as a skin preparation for treatments with fractional laser. It is suitable for sensitive skin as it has molecules of a big size and so the penetration through stratum corneum is slower and does not cause smartness nor irritation.
Recommended mainly for:

  • patchy pigmentation

  • pregnancy and senile spots

  • lack of tolerance for other AHA

  • combination and oily skin

  • acne.

Application: once a fortnight. Suggested number of treatments: from 3 to 6.

Peeling based on 20% azelaic acid

Peeling based on 20% azelaic acid
Properties of azelaic acid:
This acid is characterized by its seboregulating properties; it normalizes the process of keratinization.
It has bacteriostatical and anti-inflammatory functions, which prevent the stirring of acne changes and inflammation of hair follicles. It eliminates erythema and regulates extensive keratinization. It is recommended even for vascular skin, and particularly for rosacea.

Recommended mainly for:

  • rosacea

  • erythema

  • acne

  • psoriasis

  • inflammation of hair follicles

  • melisma and other pigmentations

Application: once a fortnight.

Suggested number of treatments: form 4 to 8.

Peeling based on milk acid and 20% arginine

Peeling based on milk acid and 20% arginine
Argipeel properties:
The peeling is based on arginine-amino acid, which increases protein synthesis and stimulates the circulatory system, and also on milk acid, which is responsible for moisturizing and illuminating skin as well as increasing the level of ceramides. Argipeel is perfect for any skin type from normal to sensitive. It generally improves the condition and look of the skin. It is used as a conditioning treatment, due to the use of bigger particles in peeling which do not cause irritations, and thanks to allantoin and aloe it has soothing and regenerating properties.

Recommended especially for:

  • sensitive skin

  • small wrinkles

  • discolorations

  • dehydrated skin

  • the skin damaged by the sun

The peeling is also used for eye area and vermilion border

  • small wrinkles

  • shadows under eyes

  • general regeneration of the eye area and vermilion border

Application: once a fortnight
Suggested number of treatments: depending on skin needs.

Peeling based on lactic acid

Peeling based on lactic acid
Lactic acid is an ingredient obtained naturally in the process of milk fermentation. It has desquamative properties. It moisturizes, helps in keeping a proper pH of skin and draws water particles present in the skin in the direction of the surface. Additionally, it stimulates the synthesis of ceramides. Lactic acid has whitening properties, rebalances skin colouration and increases dissipation of melanin. It has also antioxidative properties. Visible effects of the improvement of the skin condition are to be achieved in short time. It can be used in summer.

Recommended mainly for:

  • dry skin

  • flabby skin

  • discolorations

  • dehydrated skin

Application: once a fortnight, regardless of the season.
Suggested number of treatments: depending on the needs of ski.

3 Retises CT Yellow Peel

3 Retises CT Yellow Peel

This treatment is based on three forms of retinol and the triple strength of vitamin C. Mediderma has developed three different peels with retinol: 3 RETISES CT Yellow Peel – a combination of three types of retinol “packed” in nanoliposomes, SES RETINAL Orange Peel with retinaldehyde closed in nanoliposomes and 3 RETSIES NANOPEEL 1% Gel. The skin does not exfoliate rapidly and is not irritated. Exfoliation occurs in three stages: after three, seven and ten days. Retinol encapsulated in liposomes works deeper, releases more slowly and is less irritating.
Like other retinol peels, the treatment works on the full spectrum of skin problems. It removes discoloration, acne scars, evens skin tone, smoothes, firms, firms, reduces wrinkles. By stimulating growth factors for 4-6 months when using Mediderma peels, the thickening of the epidermis can be seen, making the face look younger.

Treatment repairing solar damage

Treatment for skin with advanced photoaging. Repairs sun damage. Discoloration
prevention. A treatment for skin with advanced photoaging. Repairs sun damage. Discoloration prevention. The peeling included in the treatment consists of several synergistic ingredients. They are: ferulic acid, retinol, growth factors, DNA repair enzymes, zinc and amino acids. Active ingredients enclosed in liposomes act in the dermis at the level of the DNA of cells, protecting them against damage caused by UV rays and repairing already existing damage. Excellent lightening therapy and acne treatment support.

Refreshing treatment

A treatment for sensitive skin. For people intolerant to other peels. Oxygenates, illuminates and has antioxidant properties. The peeling included in the treatment is composed of arginine, lactic acid and ascorbic acid. The skin is moisturized and radiant.

Moisturizing treatment

A treatment for dry, dehydrated skin. Moisturizes, tightens and brightens the skin. It has a strong moisturizing effect, thanks to the active ingredients of the peeling, such as: lactic acid, resveratrol (counteracts accelerated aging, protects caraway DNA), ascrobic acid (increases skin hydration and smoothness, reduces wrinkles), and hyaluronic acid. The skin is moisturized, taut and bright.

Illuminating treatment for problematic skin

An anti-wrinkle treatment.
Refreshing, brightening for combination and oily skin. Recommended for adults with acne problems. It has a refreshing, brightening and anti-wrinkle effect thanks to the use of mandelic acid, ascorbic acid and the Faktor G complex (an antioxidant complex consisting of: ergothionein, pterostilbene, quercetin and vitamin E, protects the skin against external factors, allowing it to stay young for longer).

Treatment for restoring firmness

A treatment for combination and oily skin with imperfections and signs of aging, i.e.
wrinkles and skin laxity. It has a strong tightening, anti-wrinkle and regenerating effect thanks to the use of salicylic acid (reduces inflammation through a strong bactericidal effect, accelerates the healing of acne lesions and regulates the secretion of sebum), pyruvic acid (anti-blackhead, brightening and anti-wrinkle) and resveratrol (antioxidant).

Treatment for vascular skin

A treatment for sensitive, vascular and rosacea-affected skin.
Reduces inflammation and erythema accompanying dilated capillaries thanks to the use of azelaic acid and azeloglycine. Thanks to the mask with hyaluronic acid and the nutmeg oil used for the massage, the skin is moisturized and the blood vessels are strengthened.

Cleansing treatment for sensitive skin

A treatment for problematic, sensitive, vascular skin and skin with rosacea.
It regulates the secretion of sebum and prevents the formation of blackheads. The use of two types of azelaic acid, salicylic acid and mandelic acid, results in the regulation of sebum secretion. The skin is cleansed of imperfections and blackheads.

Cleansing treatment combined with mechanical cleansing

Treatment for oily skin with blackheads.
Treatment with the use of a selected acid peel:
~ salicylic acid for oily, thick skin
~ azelaic acid for sensitive skin with a tendency to redness
~ lactic acid with a moisturizing effect
along with manual facial cleansing.
Cleansing is designed to remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and blackheads.

Mandelac T – brightening treatment for the eye area

The treatment has brightening dark circles under the eyes (due to the deposition of an iron-containing dye), stimulates cell renewal, increases the level of collagen and elastin, delaying the effects of aging. Its effect is gentle smoothing, moisturizing and improving skin firmness. Such properties result from the antioxidant action that protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals. The treatment significantly improves the condition of the skin, it becomes tense, moisturized and brightened. It plays an important role in anti-aging prophylaxis.


  • under the eyes

  • the skin of the lower and upper eyelid

  • vascular pigmentation

  • melanin pigmentation due to deposition of an iron containing dye (dark circles, varicose veins)

Compete eye treatment

A treatment that allows you to lighten shadows around the eyes, smooth out mimic wrinkles.
It reduces the effect of tired eyes. A treatment with the use of arginine and lactic acid.
It eliminates the effect of tired eyes.

Rejuvenating hand treatment

A treatment for dehydrated and aging skin. Reduces wrinkles
and improves its firmness. A treatment with the use of lactic acid and vitamin C, which have a strong moisturizing effect. Visibly rejuvenates and refreshes the skin of the hands.

Hand treatment against discoloration

Dry skin treatment with discoloration.

Additions to treatments with the use of acids

Glow – dedicated to sallow, muted skin with symptoms of photoaging. Concentrated C vitamin brightens the skin, counteracts the creation of free radicals and reduces wrinkles.

Resveraderm – dedicated to mature, floppy and tired skin. Strong antioxidant – resveratrol stimulates the skin to fight free radicals and protects cells’ DNA.

Anti-Acne – dedicated to acne-prone skin. It has anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties.It regulates sebum secretion

PQ Age

PQ Age is an innovative, safe peeling for lifting and revitalizing the skin designed to regenerate tissues, remove imperfections and cure sensitive and delicate skin. PQ Age is a medical treatment, which includes a mixture of trichloric acid, coenzyme Q10 and kojic acid, which guarantees deep skin stimulation, giving visible improvement of plasticity and skin tone without the risk of discoloration. The treatment is also used to revitalize the neck and cleavage, thighs, arms and bust, stretch marks, acne, new scars and skin discoloration. It is safe and can be leached out throughout the year.

Peel Mission

Anti-Age Peel

Anti-Age Peel
The main effect of the ANTI AGE line, based on glycolic acid in various concentrations (30, 50 and 70%), is the rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle action. Glycolic acid reacts with the upper, horny layers of the epidermis. The main task of glycolic acid is to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. It also has moisturizing and cleansing effects. It strongly stimulates regenerative processes in the dermis. Because Anti-age peeling does not contain any additional ingredients, the therapy is not only extremely effective, but also safe.

  •  reducing wrinkles

  • shallow scars

  • skin revitalization

  • regulation of epidermal keratosis disorder

  • acceleration of cellular renewal

  • equalizing skin tone

  • lightening of pigment spots and discoloration

  • restoration of elastic fibers and improvement of skin elasticity

  • increasing the production of collagen and mucopolysaccharide fibers

  • cleansing and moisturizing the skin

Shiki Peel

Shiki Peel
Shiki Peel is a product that uses the properties of shikimic acid, known for exfoliation without causing skin irritation. It promotes the leveling of skin hydration, which regains its firmness and elasticity. Shikimic acid is also valued for its anti-acne effect. It unlocks the sealed mouths of the sebaceous glands, thanks to which the number of inflammatory states is minimized.

Treatment effects:

  • reduction of blackheads and imperfections

  • lightening the complexion and restoring its healthy glow

  • regulation of sebum secretion

  • anti-wrinkle effect

  • skin refreshment

Lightening Peel

Lightening Peel
Effective anti-discoloration therapy based on active lactic acid at various concentrations. It is intended for people who want to reduce skin discoloration and acne. A stronger concentration of lactic acid is used in the therapy of melasma and chloasma.

Treatment effects:

  • brightening discolorations

  • skin regeneration with photodamage

  • shallow and smoothing wrinkles

  • strengthening and moisturizing the skin

  • reduction of sebum production

  • reduction of acne lesions

  • shallow wrinkles and scars

Reti Peel

Reti Peel

The treatment is based on a 10% retinol double complex. It is the heightened strength of rejuvenation dedicated to the skin with wrinkles and lack of firmness. This treatment is a safe therapy, without a strong one the effect of exfoliation and redness..

Treatment effects:

  • strong skin stimulation for renewal

  • reduction of wrinkles

  • improvement of skin firmness

  • color alignment

Architect Peel

Architect Peel

Enlarged pores are not just a problem with oily skin. Enlargement of the sebaceous glands and uneven texture of the skin may be the result of collagen depletion, responsible for firmness and skin elasticity. These changes appear with the passage of time. They happen as a result of gravity, deficits within subcutaneous scaffolding or hormonal fluctuations during menopause.

Architect Peel ™ is a treatment stimulating the synthesis of collagen XVIII, thanks to which:

  • narrows the pores

  • smoothes the skin texture

  • reduces wrinkles

  • firms and tightens the skin

Microdermabrasion is a safe non-invasive treatment. It is ideal for any age and any skin condition.
It is done on faces mainly, but can also be done on cleavage, back and shoulders. Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for rejuvenating skin, which does not exclude you from everyday activities. During the treatment we use a device called M1 Derma Genesis Microdermabrasion with Plug-n-Peel. The system lets us do both crystal and non-crystal microdermabrasion. We use disposable tips for Bio-Barrier head. The structure of the tip eliminates the risk of passing viral or bacterial impurities.

we recommend microdermabrasion in order to minimise:

  • thin lines and wrinkles

  • after-sun injuries of the skin

  • acne

  • blackheads

  • surface senile spots

  • discoloration

  • post-acne marks and other roughness on skin layer

We also offer diamond microdermabrasion
This method consists of mechanical desquamation of the epidermis layer after layer. Removal – abrasion of further layers is done with the use of a special device equipped with abrasive tips covered with natural diamond crystals.

Hair-thin needles make thousands of punctures in the skin at a certain depth with the help of the Nanopore device, causing its slight damage. Nanopore is almost painless. This is due to the completely different construction of needles and the way they move, and the skin regenerates faster. The microneedles in Nanopore are straight and not rounded, as in other devices of this type. The needles in Nanopore make up to 1000 movements per second, thanks to which they cause electricity at a depth of less than 1 millimeter in the skin. They stimulate growth factors for natural reconstruction. The skin immediately reacts to this stimulus by activating repair (regenerative) processes. At the same time, a preparation (cell growth factor) is introduced through the forming micro-channels, which additionally supports regeneration.
The effect of this process is stimulation of collagen reconstruction, improvement of skin firmness, wrinkle reduction and skin regeneration. Nanopore treatment has a wide range of applications. By determining the depth of puncture, we stimulate the type of skin cells that is needed for the healing process.
In addition to high anti-aging effectiveness, NNanopore gives very good results when treating skin problems such as acne, discoloration, scars, stretch marks. It is also an effective support in the treatment of albinism and AD.

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