Relaxing Mariacki Spa Massage Refreshing Scrub

The whole body massage with the use of sea salt. Natural active ingredients are in 97% sea salt crystals combined with nourishing power of plant oils for more effective peeling and senses’ awakening. The treatment eliminates toxic deposits which leads to a better metabolism, the elimination of cellulite and body fat, enhances flexibility and firmness of the skin, and thanks to refreshing sea scent it provides you with vitality and nourishes as well as mineralizes the skin. The massage after the peeling helps in complete absorption of nourishing ingredients, firms fully purified skin leaving it silky smooth. Additionally, the treatment helps you unwind listening to relaxing music.

Classical whole body Massage

It is the most popular massage and can be done on the whole body or its part. It has a positive effect on the circulatory system; increasing blood flow through vessels it prevents the formation of sclerosis-type illnesses and varicose veins, unburdens the work of heart and influences oxygenation of the whole body. It improves trophic condition of muscles and mobility of joints. It is recommended for postural defects, myalgia and fatigue. The massage is ideal for those who do not exercise enough but who are interested in sculpting their body and making it more flexible.

Mariacki Spa Relaxing Massage

A variation of a classical massage with more impact put on relaxation and muscle stretching techniques. Having a beneficial effect on a tired and stressed body and mind, it relaxes and regenerates your body. The massage of the whole body including the head and feet.

Massage for Two

A relaxing ritual for two taking place in an climatic room with music, by candlelight. During the massage, your body will be given a relaxing massage, using delicate, hot oils. The culmination of a joint massage is a treat in the form of a glass of wine for both.

Candle Massage

A new form of relaxation massage preformed with the use of warm candle wax. Surprising with its silk touch, warmth and sophisticated scent, the massage guarantees unrepeatable experience. The unique formula of candle oil leaves your skin wonderfully moisturized, silky-smooth and soft. Thanks to its properties it strongly tones your skin and helps you fight with cellulite and stretch marks. It is available in four attuned aromas which free during the massage:
Lavender – fresh, adds up energy and revitalization;
Rose – remarkable, intriguing aroma stimulating senses, aphrodisiac essence;
Passiflora –
the smell of orient and tropical fruit, relaxes and unwinds;
Vanilla –
vanilla oil is exceptionally effective in skin regeneration process, preventing its drying and aging.

Prenatal massage

Prenatal (pregnancy) massage is a type of massage intended for pregnant women – between 4 and 8 months. This is the safest and most stable period in a healthy pregnancy to use for this form of relaxation.
Prenatal massage has a relaxing and health-promoting effect. It differs from classic massage, among other things, in a different positioning position (safe and comfortable) and the technique used. The movements in prenatal massage are gentle – no sudden and strong movements are used that would disrupt the course of pregnancy.
The massage is performed with the use of cosmetics that are safe for pregnant women and can be enriched with a physiotherapeutic technique if the expectant mother complains about certain ailments.
As a form of relaxation, massage is primarily relaxation for the mother-to-be. It helps to relieve both emotional tension and bring relief to a sore body. It minimizes the mother’s anxiety and influences the child’s well-being.

Deep Tissue Massae

Deep massage, also known as myofascial massage, is based on understanding the layered structure of the body and the possibility of working with tissue layers in order to loosen them, extend them and release unnecessary tensions, gives a wide range of applications and extraordinary results after the first treatment. The technique of working with tissues using elbows or ankles results in greater depth and precision of the treatment than other forms of massage.
In the case of chronic tension or tissue damage, adhesions (strands of tissue that are painful, stiff) appear and can occur at the level of muscles, tendons and ligaments. These adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, restriction of movement, or inflammation. Deep massage, through slow relaxation, elongation and elimination of adhesions and abnormal movement patterns, endures pain and restores the correct range of motion in an effective and pleasant way for the patient.

Lomi-lomi-Nui Massage

Harmonious massage deriving from Hawaiian tradition. It is believed to be one of the most extraordinary massages in the world. It helps to reach the balance between your body, mind and soul. It is a relaxing, healing and therapeutic massage. It is characterized by smoothness and movement harmony, performed with forearms, elbows, hands and thumbs.

Ayurveda Massage

It is a holistic massage deriving from ancient India. During the massage the balance of your mind, heart and soul is redressed. Ayurveda sanitizes and cleans your body. It is a subtle combination of classical massage and acupressure, performed on warm oil using soft and caressing moves. It is highly recommended for those who are stressed, tensed or suffering from insomnia.

Massage with stones

It is an extremely pleasant and perfectly relaxing massage using hot basalt stones. Relaxing massage with volcanic stones will relax, calm down and regenerate. Eliminates stress and its negative effects. It relaxes tense muscles and relieves pain. Perfectly regenerates after exercise. Accelerates blood and lymph circulation, thanks to which the skin is better oxygenated and nourished, and the body is purified of toxins and metabolic products. Pleasant warmth of stones, relaxing music and smooth movements of the masseur perfectly relax and regenerate vital forces.

Back massage with hot stones

Extremaly pleasant and perfectly relaxing massage using hot basalt stones.

Feet Massage

Relaxing feet massage with the use of cooling, herb extract lotion.

Classic back massage

Classic back massage performed on hot natural oil.

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