Well-groomed hands and feet are our business card.

Classic manicure is a basic hand care procedure that involves developing a nail plate, removing cuticles, and giving the nail a proper shape.

It is designed for both women and men. The treatment can also be completed by applying a strengthening conditioner or varnish (classic varnish, monophasic varnish, hybrid varnish).

At Mariacki Spa we work on the highest quality cosmetics and varnishes.

Our conditioners, classic and hybrid varnishes are products of the American brand OPI.

In our salon you can also do a manicure with monophasic painting from the Mollon brand.

What is monophase?

Monophase is a base, colored varnish and top combined into one universal product. This significantly reduces the time of the procedure, while allowing you to enjoy a permanent color and a healthy nail plate.

For more demanding or struggling with the problem of dry and damaged skin of the hands, we’ve created the Manicure Spa treatment. It is a treatment enriched with a special regenerative mask or paraffin bath.

Our offer also includes hand treatments using Mediderma acid peels:
~ Rejuvenating hand treatment – a treatment with the use of lactic acid and vitamin C, which have a strong moisturizing effect. It is perfect for dehydrated skin, lacking firmness and aging.
~ Treatment for hands against discoloration – an intensive treatment with the use of almond and lactic acid, which in combination have a rejuvenating effect and reduce discoloration.

Pedicure is a care treatment on the foot that needs to be looked after all year round to look aesthetic. Pedicure improves the appearance of the nail plate and skin of the feet. It allows you to get rid of calluses, calluses and corns. The purpose of this treatment is to soften and moisturize the skin of the feet, remove ingrown cuticles and give the shape and possibly color to the nail plate. As in the case of manicure, in the case of pedicure, the treatment can be finished with a conditioner, classic or hybrid varnish (Opi) or Mollon monophasic varnish. The treatment can be enriched with a massage on a nourishing mask or paraffin bath. It is an ideal proposition for people whose skin is dry, cracking or requiring intensive care. Pedicure treatment should be performed regularly, at least once a month – it will guarantee healthy and beautiful feet.

In our salon you can also do the DETOX Pedicure treatment. The products on which we work during the treatment are rich in active carbon. It cleans and detoxifies – recommended especially for men. In addition to the above-mentioned treatment products, we also work on the products of the brand PODOBAEHR, PODOPHARM, MISTERO MILANO, GENA. At Mariacki SPA we have a specialized stand and a pedicure milling machine. In addition to professional advice, you will also find specialized foams, ointments, sticks and creams that are ideally suited to home care. In the interests of safety and hygiene, all tools used for treatments are sterilized.

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